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hedra scape

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Traverse an idyllic landscape of polyhedra. Take rotational control of a blocky mass thing in order to fit through holes, avoid obstacles, and collect some polyhedra in a picturesque geometric dimension. As you progress, your mass grows, increasing the complexity of what you must pass. The hedra you collect can be used to buy skins that have advantages, such as starting at later stages and starting with boosts. Don't be fooled, this is not an endless game. Or perhaps it is. Is something endless if it has no end, or just if no one ever reaches the end?


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AUG is the code name of a procedural low poly space game that I am no longer developing

Happy Race

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Happy Race is an action packed real-time racing game! Jump off buildings, smash windows, reverse gravity, detonate explosives, and go to the moon all in the comfort of your home! Try to keep your character alive as you avoid obstacles and complete tasks on your way to the finish. You can match up with a random opponent and challenge friends, or unlock new levels in single player mode. Happy Race is the ultimate cure for unhappiness!

Super Unicycle

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Super Unicycle is an exciting endless-riding game. You play Super Guy, a unicycle stunt man who has constructed an enormous race track. Race through over 25 mind bending stunts like hills and loops collecting coins and powerups along the way. Use the coins you collect to buy awesome new wheels that help you get better coins, or a higher score! You can also compete against your friends with built in leaderboards.

Flying Gup

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Flying Gup is a flappy bird clone that I made in 1 day. Anyway, here is the official description:

HELP GUP FIND WATER. Gup's lake has dried out and it is your job to help him find a new one. Flap and fly through the forest to gain points and get to a higher level. Compete against friends with built in leaderboards.
"I hate this game, let Gup dry out" -Beta Tester
"Better than Flappy Bird" -Developer
"kinda fun i guess!" -Addie Hogan

Flying Gup screenshot 2 Flying Gup king

Trick Shots inc

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Trick Shots inc. is a basketball trick shot game with every level completely unique! Test your skills (or luck) on the current 17 levels including house, skyscraper, and even canyon! No more time wasted chasing balls and long drives to different locations, because Trick Shots inc. goes where you go.

This is my very first published game that I made when I was 14, so the graphics are not of highest quality, but it's still pretty fun!